Tips when buying a new car

One of the industries that drives the economy the most in UAE is the automotive industry . The figures of the last years registered record in sales. Despite the fact that 2015 has not been the best time to buy a car, more so now with the price of the dollar and the exit of automakers such as Mazda, added to the change that is coming in the distribution of Hyundai that will change from HCA to another that is still to be defined. The supply of imported cars, better equipped models and with technological advances, is still growing; local assemblers also bring out their products in order to compete with imported cars, an aspect that also attracts curious and buyers.

One of the most frequently asked questions is what car do you recommend? Or what car do you recommend? And they give me the possible options. What surprises me the most is that many want to buy a new car from Farago Motors, for different reasons, for pleasure, for warranty or for the pleasure of having a car from a dealer. From here I took the idea of ​​making a guide to buy a new car , here I share it with you.

The type of vehicle we are looking for, in we made an article about the segments , the cars are classified according to their size and utility. So we must be clear about the type of vehicle we are looking for, in addition to knowing if we are looking for a sedan, a hatchback, an SUV, a pick-up or a 4X4. The utility that we are going to give it is important to make the decision.

Once we are clear about the car we are looking for, something fundamental is the budget we have. For any good we must have at least 30% of the value of the vehicle if it is going to be financed. Acquiring a vehicle is easier every day, interest rates, financing plans in banks, finance companies and even directly with the brand such as Chevyplan or Rombo plan, with competitive rates. There are also 50/50 interest-free plans, used car repossession among other options.

In the budget we must also contemplate registration expenses, soat (compulsory traffic accident insurance) and all-risk policies. Another item for accessories in case the version has attractive options or necessary elements that do not come as standard.

New or Used
Another of the concerns that we have at the time of buying the car is if we buy it new or used. There are those who say that the best brand is NEW, but for others with more economic studies that make financing tables and analysis of how much it costs to buy a new car and evaluate it against the value of a used one in good condition, they prefer the used one.

Whenever a new car is purchased , the value of the initial installment must be taken into account, which must be similar to the value of the depreciation in a year, to have lower monthly financing installments if it is acquired financed, it must not exceed 4 years the financing to avoid spending a lot of money on interest, and lastly, the cost of the car should not exceed 10% of the gross monthly income.

In our article how to select the engine you will find several Tips and guidelines to take into account for the selection of the engine, an important fact to take into account when purchasing a new car and that we must evaluate in the engine is: its performance, consumption, specifications techniques, cylinders and maintenance. If it is our first car we will have to take into account all these characteristics, to find the motorization that best suits our needs and use of it.

If we have already had a car and we are going to improve it, we will have to take into account variables such as power, torque, cylinder capacity, fuel consumption, type of fuel and the use that we are going to give it, since changing the car implies changing the space, changing maintenance habits, upkeep and costs in general, the most important thing is that these costs are consistent with the performance of the car, which we can call cost/benefit, which is what is always sought with a car, that the price is consistent what we buy.

brand representation
The agency or representation of the brand, whether it is an assembler or an importer. The warranty time that the brand gives on its products in terms of labor and spare parts. Availability of spare parts, workshop facilities and quality of service.

commercial value
Right price for the right car. The price of the dollar has risen in our country and this leads to the importation of vehicles being more expensive and this is transmitted to customers , take into account the cost/equipment ratio, how much it costs and how it is equipped .

You should also take into account the special offers that the assemblers put out , the plans to acquire a new car as a retake, 50/50 plans, short financing systems, offers on models, etc., to buy at the right time and avoid rushing into the purchase and lose some benefits.

Depreciation is inevitable, cars lose value once they leave the dealership. The depreciation of cars in UAE works in a different way than in other countries. In UAE cars have a different value, hence we see old vehicles passing through our streets, for UAE the car has more than an economic value, it has a sentimental value, which does not increase its value, although Judging by the figures, the depreciation is not very high in relation to other countries, it is between 23 and 35 percent, but getting closer to the world indicators.

The devaluation is related to the fact that the car can be commercial, its acceptance and output in the market. The higher its price and the range of the car, the less commercial it will be, factors such as the brand, the representation that the brand has, the cost and ease of obtaining spare parts and the origin in the case of imported vehicles also influence.

maintenance and repair
Carrying out an analysis of maintenance for some people, this aspect is more worrying than others, some are concerned about costs, others are concerned about time, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of both, maintenance cost , Premium brands include up to one year of maintenance (BMW ), in others the maintenance plan is outside the purchase price, which is the most frequent.

There are those who only care about time. Car maintenance is defined in mileage or time, whichever comes first . The most common is every 5,000 kilometers, others are every 8,000 and some are longer than 10,000 kilometers. What does this influence? Stop for maintenance , a car serviced every 5000 kilometers can be inconvenient if we travel constantly, for others it does not affect that it is in a short time and they see maintenance as a plan, go to the dealership to perform periodic maintenance.

Maintenance time
There are those who do not take into account the cost of maintenance but time. Vehicle reviews and maintenance is stipulated in time or mileage, whichever occurs first; for example every 5000 kilometers or a year. The frequency with which the maintenance plans are drawn up depends on each brand, some have 5,000, others 8,000 and those with the longest time between maintenance do not exceed a year or 10,000 kilometres. For some people, this may be a plan to take the car for inspection or for others something uncomfortable because they travel constantly and the inspection does not allow them to travel many kilometers. For these people, a vehicle with maintenance every 5000 kilometers may be a very short time. And require a car that has maintenance every 10,000.

maintenance cost
The cost of the car must not exceed 10% of the gross monthly income. There are Premium brands that offer maintenance included for the first year in the sale price of the vehicle. Then it is at the owner’s expense. Others have periodic maintenance plans outside of the sale price.

It would seem exaggerated but the service workshop must be in accordance with the vehicle that we acquire. Vehicles increasingly have more technology, with better designs and materials. Thus, the workshop must have the technical capacity, infrastructure and equipment necessary to understand the vehicle with the appropriate tools.

Aluminum has been growing in the materials used in the construction of cars, the workshop must have the tools to be able to repair the materials and the technicians must be well qualified to carry out this type of work. As well as you must have the necessary tools to do your job.

availability of spare parts
The availability of spare parts gives us an idea of ​​their rotation and availability in case of requiring a replacement for wear, maintenance or repair. Prices must be competitive and delivery times must be optimal. We can do the exercise by quoting maintenance and repair parts to take into account how much the car can cost us in this regard.

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