How to Draw a Tree

How to Draw a Tree. Learn to draw an excellent tree with easy and step-by-step cool drawings instructions and a tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful tree drawing. Trees are an important part of each ecosystem. We could not live without them: trees produce oxygen even that we breathe. Whether it is a functionality in the background or as a focal point of your image, you would like to draw this cartoon tree.

Follow the easy drawing tutorial and step by step below. To draw a tree, you will need a sheet of paper and something to draw, such as a pencil, a pen, or a marker. You may also want to have a delicacy by hand and colored pencils, pencils, or markers. When this drawing guide follows, you will notice that an image accompanies each step. The new lines of each step are highlighted in blue, while the lines drawn in the previous stages are in black. Draw slightly at the beginning because you will have to erase some of its initial lines before completing the drawing.

Drawing a tree

Step 1:

Start drawing two parallel lines. It will form the tree trunk.

Step 2:

Extend a curved line horizontally from each parallel line. Draw another curved line below, connected to an animated point of the last line. Connect the most current lines operating a short line. The lines will be found again at a point. Now you have rooted for your tree.

Step 3:

Start drawing the deletion branches extending a curved line from the left of the trunk. On this line, draw three lines “U”: one to the left, a crossing of the left line, and the third in the upper part of the trunk.

Step 4:

Draw another department on the good side of the tree, using two similar curved lines and a “u” -shaped line.

Step 5:

Form the upper part of the tree leaf using a series of curved lines in “U” connected. These eight lines must connect to the branches on the left side of the tree.

Step 6:

Porte, the bearing branch shape, using five other curved lines in the form of “u.”

Step 7:

Start the leafy part on the right side of the tree, drawing five lines in the form of a “U,” connected to the branches to the right.

Step 8:

Draw another branch connected to the part you just deleted, using eight lines “u.”

Step 9:

Using five curved lines, “u,” turn on the branch on the right side of the tree.

Step 10:

Draw three curved lines at the tree’s shelter, where the left and central branches are located.

Step 11:

Add details to the leafy tree. Draw three games of three to five “U” lines at the top of the tree.

Step 12:

Add details to the tree trunk. Draw a “u” line under the central division of the branches. Draw a curved line on each trunk side, spreading towards the roots. Draw a curved line above the average root.

Step 13:

Draw a branch of four lines in the form of a “U” to the right from the top of the tree.

Step 14:

Add a branch of two parallel lines between the right branch and the branch.

Step 15:

Draw a circle in the tree trunk. Inside the circle, draw a whirlwind.

Step 16:

How to Draw a Tree

Plant your tree in a meadow covered with grass. Draw the grass on each side of the tree, drawing a series of eight short curved lines found in grated points.

Step 17:

How to Draw a Tree

Color your tree. You may want to use brown tones for the trunk and green for leaves and grass.

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