How to Create a Soap Box Custom Design

soap box custom design
How to Create a Soap Box Custom Design

There are several aspects that you have to consider while creating a soap box custom design. From the size and shape to the embellishments, there are several things that you must take into consideration. To make the process go smoothly, follow the steps mentioned below. You will be glad you took the time to read this article! You are sure to have a wonderful soap box custom design! Let us help you create the perfect gift! And remember, no two people are the same.

Material selection

You can order a free sample online before ordering your custom soap box to see what the differences between different materials are. There are several options for finishing your custom design so that the soap box has a fully branded look and feel. You can also get gold or silver foiling or embossing to further increase the look and feel of your box. Here are some other tips for selecting the right material for your soap box.

Choose a kraft paper material for your box. This is a good choice for small items. Kraft paper is strong and can withstand high-impact materials and can withstand a large amount of pressure. Opt for a flip design for a stylish, functional, and easy-to-open look. You can also opt for die-cut styles that will never go out of style. You can also choose pretty shapes for your soap cases by die-cutting them.


If you have a business and are looking for a way to promote it, you should consider the shape of a soap box as a custom design. Soap boxes come in different shapes and sizes and can be used for many occasions. This design is very versatile and will reflect your business’s style and design. If you want to make your packaging more impressive, you can add a picture of the brand ambassador. Your photo can also be printed on the soap box.

The printing process on a soap box can add extra style and presentation to your product. Different finishing methods are available, including screen printing using a mesh screen, offset printing on a metal plate, or digital printing. All these methods can enhance the look and feel of the box, adding value to your packaging. Printed boxes have many advantages. For example, they can boost brand awareness and enhance the sales of your soaps. A custom printed box can help you increase your brand image.


Custom soap boxes can come in various sizes, including 0.75″ x 20″ and 1.75″ x 30″. They are available in cardstock or corrugated cardboard, which is available in glossy ink or standard white corrugated cardboard. The type of material used for custom soap boxes will depend on the type of product being packaged. For example, kraft paper can be used for the exterior and standard white corrugated cardboard for the interior.

You can also choose between several different kinds of cardboard, including glossy, matte, and natural brown Kraft. These are all excellent choices for custom soap boxes. Unlike other paper, cardboard is lightweight, and it will prevent pressure from breaking the soap. The good news about cardboard is that you can easily customize the box’s appearance with many colors. You can also opt for natural brown Kraft stock to reinforce the perception of natural ingredients. Additionally, it allows you to print details in a single color or black.


Adding embellishments to your custom soap box design will help your product look eye-catching and add brand identity. Embellishments can showcase your company’s logo and provide textural interest. When choosing an embellishment, choose a material that won’t fade and is compatible with the printing technique. Embellishments can also be customized to reflect your branding aesthetics. The following are some examples of embellishments for your soap box custom design.

Prime labels give your product a unique look. Whether you’re selling soaps, cosmetics, or beauty products, a prime label can boost the look of your packaging. Consider adding a unique graphic or alluring design to your custom soap box. OBT Packaging is one of the leading companies offering prime labels. Choose from a variety of colors and shapes to design the perfect soap box for your business.

Reflective finish

The perfect design for a soap box should be based on the features and benefits of the product. You may wish to consider a Kraft or recyclable box to pack your soap in. Both types of boxes offer a beautiful and unique look. Full cover boxes are the best choice for soap box packaging because they offer maximum protection and ample room for labeling and branding. The following are some tips to help you find the perfect design for your soap box.

A reflection finish adds a shimmering effect to your soap box and prevents moisture from seeping through the box. Matte finishes, on the other hand, give your box a more textured appearance and prevent moisture from seeping through. While most customers prefer reflective finishes to matte, you can opt for a combination of both. This will make your soap box custom design stand out and be appreciated by your customers.

Window die-cut feature

Adding a window die-cut feature to your soap box custom design will allow your customers to see inside the product without having to open the packaging. The window can be any shape and can be made of a high-quality PVC sheet. Not only will this provide the customer with a clear view of the product, it will also act as a protective sheet. Adding this feature to your packaging will increase sales by giving your customers the clarity they need to make a purchasing decision.

If you’re looking for a way to increase sales, a custom window-cut soap box is the perfect choice. These packaging options offer the highest level of display while still being inexpensive and versatile. They will also make your product look more attractive to customers and increase your sales and profits. With a window-cut window, your product will pop out from the competition and be noticed more easily. By adding a window to your soap box custom design, you can boost your sales and profits.

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