Google Trend stats displayed massive spike for “Buy Crypto” keyword in 2022

All those who had written off crypto long back and all those who still are radically pessimistic about crypto must check the Google Trends stats on crypto-related searches. According to data received from Google Trends, “buy crypto” has recorded a stellar spike in online searches this year, especially in the early quarter of 2022. The inspiring surge bears the live testimony of increasing confidence in the cryptocurrency, leading more people than ever to buy and sell crypto. As per the market reports, the stats derived from Google Trends in Q1 of 2022 clearly show that the “buy crypto” keyword has garnered the coveted 100 score –  a dominant mark of optimum relative interest in crypto purchase.

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Surpassed the 2018 peak

It’s not the first time that the “buy crypto” keyword has reached its peak. A similar incident happened in 2018, particularly in the first quarter of the year. However, the 2022 data on the search for “buy crypto” has raised the bar because the 2022 has already crossed the 2018. This encouraging rise in the graph for the same keyword only proves that more people are interested now to buy crypto than the previous years. Crypto skeptics must pay heed to the growing interest in investors to buy crypto, and, if possible, have a second thought about their current stance on cryptocurrency.

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Interestingly, a similar upward trend has been observed for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Akin to the “buy crypto” keyword, Ethereum too boasted the 100 score for a while but then dropped to 65. Bitcoin searches had a rise as well – however, the current search score for Bitcoin in 2022 is yet to touch the stellar figures from 2017 bullish market.

Rise in searches for crypto exchanges

Moreover, the Google Trends stats have shown a mighty surge in the online searches for several other crypto-related keywords, such as “best crypto exchange” and “best crypto app”. These figures once again prove that a rising number of people are set to buy crypto and trade crypto in 2022 and onwards.

Crypto exchanges are the most frequented places when crypto investors want to buy crypto. The exchanges allow users to buy, trade, and sell crypto 24/7. All exchanges operate internationally and allow foreign investors to buy crypto from their platform as well. However, crypto exchanges generally follow certain geographical restrictions. So, if you have plans to buy crypto from a crypto exchange, make sure the platform allows investors and traders from your country.

The rise in searches for crypto apps is closely tied to increasing dependence on smartphones for almost all kinds of activities, including trading and investing. One of the major benefits of crypto apps is that they allow you to sell and buy crypto while you are on-the-go. In that light, several legacy and new crypto exchanges have launched crypto apps so that people can buy crypto wherever they are and whenever they wish to- even when they are not sitting before their desktop.

Make sure to buy crypto from a reliable crypto from a reliable exchange that has deployed all cutting-edge security measures. And, after you buy crypto, be careful to store the maximum amount in a hardware wallet.

Reasons behind the rise

So, what are the factors that have led to the rise for searches on “buy crypto”?

Growing retail awareness

One of the major reasons behind the surge in “buy crypto” keywords is rising awareness about cryptocurrencies and their benefits in general.

According to a recent survey, there has been a 80% rise in awareness about cryptocurrency as of 2022 compared to previous years. A major driver behind the awareness is the ease of spending money overseas through crypto. As cryptocurrencies follow a decentralized infrastructure, the transactions are always direct. There are no middlemen involved here which makes the process faster, more streamlined, and more affordable. These advantages have inspired more people to buy crypto now more than ever.

Surge in interest in buying and trading crypto

The last few years have witnessed an astronomical surge in interest about purchasing crypto, how to buy crypto, and related aspects. According to a recent survey, a whopping number of 1 billion traders and investors are predicted to use crypto exchanges by the final quarter of 2022.

Despite its volatility issues, crypto has proved its mettle as a high ROI-driven investment and trading asset. In fact, the crypto industry took the world by surprise by reaching up to as high as $3 trillion back in January. It’s self-explanatory why more people are interested in buying crypto now in 2022. A healthy surge in the number of people searching online to buy crypto  from the last half of 2021 has led to an inspiring rise in searches for “buy crypto”.

Rising retail interest for BTC, ETH, and altcoins

Bitcoin reached its 2nd ATH in 2021, scaling up to a powerful volume of $69,000. Ever since its inception, the coin has shown an inspiring growth over the years. Cut to 2022, the coin has been able to earn the trust of many initial skeptics. In fact, growing confidence in Bitcoin is a major reason why people are more interested to buy crypto in 2022.

Added to BTC, ETH’s rise too is another driving force behind the increasing number of people wanting to join the crypto bandwagon to buy crypto. Akin to BTC, ETH too reached its ATH in 2021. Moreover, thanks to the upcoming Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, Ethereum promises an enhanced and more ROI-driven future ahead. The upcoming arrival of Ethereum 2.0 is a key factor behind the rising trend to buy crypto.

The rise of altcoins have also influenced and amped up the trend to buy crypto. It must be stressed here that altcoins were one of the most significant contributors to the crypto industry’s rise to $3 trillion recently. So, people have more options now other than BTC and ETH, and they are more than eager now to buy crypto.

Rise in social media platform engagement with crypto

The stats from Google Trends have further revealed that social media platform engagement with crypto has also taken an upward swing in 2022. Twitter data have shown that the total number of tweets on crypto had reached 3.3 million back in January compared to 1.3 million from 2020.  If you want more numbers, well, the aggregate tweet volume of January 2022 (about crypto) was around 180%+ higher compared to that of 2021.

The social media platforms are the most prominent and frequented communication and information transmission hub when it comes to the crypto industry. Whether a business tycoon wants to buy crypto (especially a new coin) or a crypto project offering a grant- social media platforms are the first to bring the news about the crypto industry.

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