People with dry hair often complain about split ends resulting from improper hair habits and routines. Managing and caring for hair to avoid dryness and split ends may be difficult in this hectic life. Lack of proper care can easily change new nourished hair to dry hair, leading to breakage and split ends.

When you start noticing split ends in your hair strands, you immediately take scissors and start cutting your damaged ends as this is the most effective way of getting rid of split ends. Though using hair masks and oils on your hair will not get rid of split ends, Certain essential oils can prevent hair from getting further damaged and prevent occurrence of split ends.They do not have many side effects and are much safer than traditional hair care products containing harmful ingredients. Essential oils can not only help in hair health, making damage accessible but also promote a healthy scalp, boost blood circulation, and gives strength to hair. 

 Using harsh or drying hair products, often heating your hair, and washing more than usual may contribute to split ends and damaged hair. Dull and brittle hair doesn’t feel nice to touch and can be hard to style and maintain, so with the benefits and use of essential oils, you can easily put together quick and easy hair care basics that will work promising for your hair and scalp. In this article, we will deep down on which are the best essential oils to prevent split ends, how to use them and why essential oil manufacturer is your best bet to buy pure oils.



Geranium oil is often preferred for hair growth. It nurtures the hair follicles and even out the sebum secretion from the glands, which results in a balanced oil concentration on hair and scalp, making the hair more healthy, shiny, and smooth. Geranium oil is full of antioxidants that nourish and strengthen weak hair strands. It lessens and curbs further damage. Mix it well with any carrier oil like almond or coconut oil and massage it on your scalp. Wash your hair the following day 


Rosemary oil has been used for hair care for quite a long time and is also known as the best essential oil for hair and helps relieve scalp itching and dryness. This oil may replenish moisture in the scalp and hair cuticle, making it smooth while repairing split ends. Rosemary oil is very effective in hair growth as it facilitates hair follicles. Constant use of this oil gives you healthy, shiny, frizz-free hair and helps curb breakage. You can use it by taking 2-3 drops of rosemary oil, mixing it with a few drops of olive oil on your hair, and then washing it thoroughly after a few hours.


Cedarwood essential oil facilitates glands in the scalp that produce oil and helps the hair strands grow by boosting circulation to the scalp. It helps strengthen hair from the roots, repairs the split ends, and prevents frizz. It conditions your scalp and hair strands leaving the hair super moisturized by giving a natural shine to it. To use it, take five drops of the essential oil, mix it with one tablespoon of shampoo, and wash your hair normally. 


Tea tree oil is the most preferred oil for issues regarding hair or skin issue. In hair follicles, it facilitates keratin formation, maintains hair health, and keeps it shiny. Tea tree oil helps strengthen hair and prevents further damage like frizz, dandruff, and split ends. Tea tree not only moisturizes and calms the itchy scalp but also regulates additional oil production that often blocks hair growth. To use it, take five drops of the essential oil, mix it with one tablespoon of shampoo, and wash your hair normally.


Lavender essential oil is like a best friend for hair and is known for keeping your hair thick and healthy. It helps in conditioning your hair fibres making them smooth and preventing breakage and split ends. The nourishing quality of this oil can act as a leave-in conditioner and locks up the hair cuticles with moisture. It helps repair the split ends as it has a profound conditioning effect. The hair growth property, antimicrobial and antibacterial nature improve scalp health and enhance hair growth. To use it, take 4-5tdrops of lavender essential oil, mix it with 1-2 tbsp coconut oil, apply it to the scalp, and then rinse it thoroughly.

In addition, you can also try Basil oil, Cashew nut oil and Peppermint oil to nourish hair follicles. Always dilute essential oils with carrier oils like Almond oil or coconut oil before applying on hair and scalp.


Essential oils are plant-derived oils that provide a natural solution to all hair-related issues. This article mentions various essential oils which will give healthy and split-end-free hair. Before you use it, make sure to do a patch test to check if that oil is suitable for you or not. The essential oil is concentrated and should be diluted before applying with any suitable carrier oils like coconut oil or almond oil. Pick your essential oil according to your hair conditions, but it is always a good idea to consider a doctor for better knowledge and results.

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