Different routes for the Leh Ladakh trip on the bike and stylish bikes for the Ladakh trip

1. Leh to leh( khardungla- Nubra vale – Pangong)

To reach Nubra Vale journey begins from Leh and then travels through Khardung La pass. Khardung La pass. On the second day, we will leave from Pangong Lake and the Nubra camps and head towards Pangong Lake. On the third day, we ride through our campsite at Pangong Lake campground back to Leh. Make sure to arrive a day prior and then check into a hotel in Leh. We suggest arriving at least one day before your departure time, allowing you time to get adjusted. To prevent mountain sickness, it is essential to rest. Diary for

Day One of Ladakh Bicycle Lift Leh up to Khardungla Pass to Nubra Valley( 5-6 hours lift)

Day 2. Pangong Lake- Nubra Valley( 8-10 hours lift)

Day 3 Leh to Pangong Lake( 5- 6 hours lift)

2. Leh to leh( khardungla la Nubra pangong)

On the second day, We set off from Leh to Sham Valley. The road is beautiful and has beautiful scenery and is easy to navigate. On the next day, we traverse the Khardungla pass before arriving at Nubra Valley. On the fourth day, we travel towards the most beautiful Ladakh place following breakfast. The serene Pangong Lake will be coming to the camping areas. We will return to Leh following Pangong Lake. Route for a Bike Lift

Day 1 Get to Leh

Day 2 Sham Valley- Leh( 6- 7 hrs lift)

Leh, Khardungla Pass, and Nubra Valley on Day 3( 5-6 hrs lift)

Day 4 Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley( 8-10 hrs lift)

5. Leh from Pangong Lake( 5- 6 hours lift)

3. A bike lift will be available to Shrinagar up to Leh to Manali

On Day 3 of our journey, we reach Leh. Day 1: We traverse the famous Zojila pass. We travel to Leh towards Nubra Valley across the Khardung La pass. We make our way through Pangong Lake from Nubra Valley and camp there over the next night. Following our return trip to Leh and then, we begin our journey towards Manali through Sarchu. It is possible to take a day to see the sights and adjust to Leh upon arrival. In the initial tour, we can visit The Shanti Stupa, a glamorous Hill along with Pathar Sahib Gurudwara. A diary for a bicycle trip starting from Srinagar up to Leh to Manali

Day 1 Arrive in Srinagar.

Day 2 Kargil- Srinagar( 9- 10 hrs lift).

Day 3. Leh up to Kargil( 7-8 hours lift).

Day 4 Leh sightseeing

Day 5 Leh- Kardungla Pass- Nubra

6. Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley( 8-10 hrs lift).

7. Leh up to Pangong Lake( 6- 7 hours lift).

8. Sarchu up to Leh( 8-10 hours lift).

Search up to Manali on the 9th day( 8-10 hrs lift).

Day 10 Check-out from Manali and the end of the journey.

4. Manali to Manali( khardungla la- Nubra pass)

The lift starts the climb begins Manali. We will visit all of them which include Khardungla Pass, Nubra Valley, Indus- Shyok Rivers along with Rohtang Pass. While on our journey we will traverse several obnoxious high-altitude and water aqueducts. Your cycling skills will be tested throughout this trip. Be sure to enjoy the spectacular starry night and the beauty of the surrounding area once arriving at Leh. Visit the famous monastery near Leh. The schedule will reserve the first day for acclimatisation as well as the briefing for riding.

Manali, Day 1. Manali

Day 2. JispaDay 2 Jispa Manali( 140km, 8-9 hours)

Day 3 Jispa to Sarchu( 85 km, 5-6 hours)

Day 4 Leh- Sarchu( 250 km, 9- 10 hrs)

Day 5: A day of relaxation in Leh

Day 6 Leh- Khardungla Pass- Nubra Valley( 159 km, 4- 6 hrs)

7. Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley( 274 km, 8-10 hours)

8. Leh from Pangong Lake( 223 km 7-9 hours)

Day 9 Sarchu- Leh( 250 km, 8- 10 hrs)

10. Manali towards Sarchu( 220 km, 8-10 hours)

Day 11 is the day you depart Manali.

5. Manali to Srinagar Bike Lift

On Day 4 of our journey, we reach Leh. Jispa, Sarchu, the Nubra Valley, Kargil, and Pangong Lake are all of them covered. On the 9th day, we travel along the Indus River until Kargil where we will pass by the famed Lamayuru monastery and moon-like terrain. The ride ends in Sonmarg on the 10th day and concludes the cycling adventure in Srinagar. On the final day of your trip, you can choose of departing Srinagar by plane or continuing your journey. The first day of the itinerary is reserved for acclimatization to this adventure. Journal to prepare for Manali up to Srinagar bike lift

Day 1 Appearance in Manali

Day 2. JispaDay 2 Jispa Manali( 8 hours lift)

3rd-day Jispa up to Sarchu( 5-6 hours lift)

Day 4 Leh- Sarchu( 10 hrs lift)

Day 5: A day of relaxation in Leh

Day 6 Leh- Khardungla Pass- Nubra Valley( 4- 5 hrs lift)

7. Pangong Lake to Nubra Valley( 8-10 hrs lift)

8. Leh from Pangong Lake( 7- 9 hours lift)

Day 9 Kargil- Leh( 7- 8 hrs lift)

10. Srinagar from Kargil( 8-9 hours lift)

On Day 11 you’ll depart Srinagar.

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