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7 Top Tips To Efficiently Customize Your T-shirt

All of us love t-shirts with alluring designs. But what makes a t-shirt design a perfect one that makes people want to wear that t-shirt. Usually, simple designs are the greatest and look perfect on t-shirts.

No matter what kind of design you have chosen, it is very important to get rid of the common mistakes to get the best designs on the t-shirts. Here, we have described top tips to efficiently design custom t-shirts.

1. Set Modest Size Of Print 

There are various things in life in which size does not play any kind of important role, but t-shirt design is not that thing. The biggest mistake done by most people is that they set the standard size. But standard size can be the maximum for most t-shirt sizes.

Therefore, it is very important to consider paying attention to the size of the t shirt graphic design. You should choose the design of the print on the basis of the t-shirt’s purpose, the garment’s properties, the characteristics of the design, etc.

Also, you should keep in mind that the size of certain shapes such as squares, circles, etc. look better when sized smaller than the standard size. You should consider paying attention to the print area.

2. Determine Adequate Print Placement

First of all, you should know that the print placement is different from the print location. Print placement can be described as the exact location where you want to print the design inside the mentioned location.

If you are new to t-shirt designing, then you should know the fact that the standard full placement is not halfway between the top and bottom of the t-shirt. It is exactly around 4” from the collar of the t-shirt.

Therefore, usually, people end up printing the design on the belly portion of the t-shirt. This kind of print placement does not look flattering at all.

3. Focus On Fonts And Typography

Typography can be described as the visual arrangement of words in such a way that they look perfect. When text is printed or displayed, then typography is associated with it. In graphic designing, typography can be described as the art of setting the text. In simple terms, it can be described as arranging the type in such a way that the whole text makes sense.

It is very important to make sure that typefaces are adequate, letter spacing is perfect, and designing text in such a way that it interacts efficiently with graphic elements in the design. But it is not necessary to get the training to learn typography. All you need to do is to follow some basic rules.

4. Take Care With Composition

The composition can be described as the arrangement of the element in relation to each other. It is very important to ensure that there is adequate composition to make your print design look visually appealing.

The overall composition of the design should be balanced and appealing. Always keep in mind good design is all about the composition of elements in it. We recommend you consider taking the help of professionals like t-shirt printing Vancouver contractors

5. Ensure Good Image Quality

The biggest problem associated with printing designs on t-shirts is that the submitted images are of low quality. It means that they do not have sufficient pixel information. Consequently, it leads to bad printing quality and visually displeasing pictures. 

If you want to get good quality printing results, then you should ensure that your image should be 200 dpi or higher at full size. It would be best if you can submit a 300 dpi image. Images that we download from the internet are usually 72 dpi.

It means that it is not an adequate size for printing on t-shirts. There is one more problem associated with these images’ visible artifacts. You should always keep in mind that print should be always clear as the image.  

6. Wisely Print Colors

While printing the design on the t-shirts, you should pay attention to the color choice. It is not just for design reasons, but also to ensure that the printing job falls within the budget range.

It is really true in case of the screen printing because the cost of printing increases in this technique with the increase in color. Usually, screen printing is good for solid colors and limited color choices.

7. Pay Attention To Contrast

When we talk about color choice, then contrast plays a very important role. It is quite a specific and imperative part that you need to consider. First, let’s discuss what contrast is. Contrast can be described as the difference between the light and dark parts of the image.

Also, it corresponds to the shades of color which are corresponding to each other. The high-contrast designs are very easy to read. On the other hand, low-contrast designs look subtle. You should wisely choose contrasting colors for the design.

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