CUET Previous Year Question Paper

Practice is an important source of overcoming failure or preparation for the route towards success. Practicing CUET Previous Year Question Paper while preparing for the CUET exam is important as tests help evaluate your performance. Previous year papers provide elaborated information and help to make self-assessments and work on the areas which require attention.

Here we will learn the importance of solving previous year’s question papers to help you crack the exam.


The CUET exam is one of the most prestigious entrance exams in the country. The Education Ministry has introduced CUET as a common exam for university admissions to combine this process. The prospect of getting education and placement opportunities from the central universities is vast as the Central Government governs them. 

Candidates can get good packages in the stream they want to select. Approximately 54 colleges and universities will participate in the CUET exam; therefore, it is a huge opportunity for aspirants to get admission to the desired College/University.

CUET Exam Pattern

The CUET Exam Pattern is represented below. Candidates must prepare for their exam following the given pattern and form a strategy accordingly.

No. Of Sections3
Section IThe Language test is taken through reading comprehension. Literary Aptitude and Vocabulary Test for two languages (45 minutes for each language)
Part AThis section includes 13 regional languages to choose from.
Part BThere are 20 international languages to pick from in the second subsection.
Section IIDomain TestCandidates can pick a maximum of6 out of 27 Domain-specific subjects as per desired University.
Section IIIGeneral TestGeneral Knowledge, Quantitative Reasoning, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Current Affairs, Logical and Analytical Reasoning
Marks per Question5
Negative marking0.25 for every wrong answer
Exam Mode Offline
Time DurationSlot 1: 195 minutesSlot 2: 225 minutes

CUET Syllabus 2022

Through the CUET syllabus, students will know what topics to expect in the examination and can manage the time accordingly during their preparation. The syllabus is divided into four major sections for all the UG programmes.

The important topics of these sections are described below:

Section 1A:  English, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Odia, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, Hindi and Kannada.

Section 1B: Spanish, German, Nepali, French,  Persian, Italian, Arabic, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Konkani, Bodo, Dogri, Maithili, Manipuri, Santhali, Tibetan, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese.

Candidates can choose any one language from Section 1A and Section 1B. The language test will be based on Literary Aptitude, RC and Vocabulary.

Section 2: The domain section has 27 subjects. Out of these 27 subjects, candidates can choose any 6 based on their stream and college/university of choice. The questions will be MCQ type.

Section 3: The General Test includes General Knowledge, Current Affairs, General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning and Logical and Analytical Reasoning. The questions will be Multiple Choice Types.

CUET Previous Year Question Paper

The Central University of Rajasthan will conduct the Common Entrance Test. CUET Previous Year Question Papers help measure your strengths and weaknesses, making a better preparation strategy. The students can predict the expected questions that could be asked in the upcoming CUET Exam. 

Candidates can also download the CUET Previous Year Question Paper Pdf from our website or from the official CUET website. All the information related to the exam can be analyzed through these previous year’s papers.

Importance of solving CUET Previous Year Question Paper

It is very important to solve the CUET previous year question papers as they give a fair idea of the questions asked in the exam. Some questions can also repeat in the next year, and thus it increases the chances of scoring more. 

Below is the importance of solving these papers. Candidates must go through the given details to know the importance of solving the previous year’s papers. 

Familiarizes with the Exam Day

Solving the previous year’s papers will give an idea of the questions expected on the exam day. Candidates can get familiar with the exam pattern and solve the questions without being anxious.

Easy Availability

CUET Previous Year Question Papers are available both offline and online. Candidates can access them according to their preferences. They can also solve these tests without going to the centers at any time. Therefore it becomes easy to practice anywhere, anytime, according to what suits you.

Self Assessment

Candidates can analyze their performance through these papers and get an idea of where they stand. They can know their weak and strong sections and work on them accordingly. Once a candidate can analyze their performance, it becomes easy to work on what suits them best.

Better Learning Opportunities

The CUET Previous Year Question Paper provides a fair idea of the exam’s expected questions and pattern. It provides better learning opportunities and a real-time experience of how the real CUET 2022 would be. Candidates learn various new topics and solve various questions, enhancing their knowledge.

Time Efficiency

Solving these papers every day increases the speed of solving different questions. They help to analyze where you need to spend more time on a particular section and less on another. Students can plan how much time to spend on each section to complete the paper on time.

Build Different Strategies

You can implement different strategies while solving CUET’s previous year’s question paper and use the best during the exam. Candidates get a chance to strategise well for the exam day. These strategies can help them crack the exam and score high.

Reduces Anxiety

When you solve enough papers, you will know the real difficulty level of the exam. Experiencing the pressure while solving these tests will help the candidates get familiarized with the real exam environment. Candidates get less anxious as they get an idea of what could be asked in the exam and can attempt the questions stress-free.

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