A To Z About Probiotics

Probiotics are live bacterias that usually live inside your body. A human’s body is made of both good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are considered to be good bacteria because they are capable of killing the bad bacteria, helping the body to stay healthy during the process. But you must be wondering how the probiotics stay in your body? What are the sources of their existence? Are there any probiotic supplements that create these bacteria? 

Before your mind gets flooded with questions, let us tell you that you can get all the answers in this article. Here, we have mentioned the sources of probiotics, the foods that provide probiotics to the body, the benefits and risks of consuming probiotics, and last but not least, the storage instructions to preserve your probiotics supplements. Read along to know every little detail about probiotics.

What are Probiotics?

As we have mentioned above, probiotics are live bacterias that exist in different parts of our body. Probiotics, as we have said, are beneficial to our health. Though they usually live in your gut, probiotics are also found in the mouth, vagina, skin, urinary tract, and lungs. These bacterias are available in different foods like yogurt, pickled vegetables, cheese, etc., but some of the best probiotic supplements are available on the market. You can use them after taking the doctor’s recommendation.

Strains of Probiotics

There are multiple probiotic strains, but two of them are the most essential to keep the human body strong and active. However, we have mentioned the names of the important strains of probiotics and how they benefit the human body. Read the article to know what they are and how they benefit us.

  1. Bifidobacteria

Bifidobacteria, one of the most common probiotic strains, is usually found in tempeh, yogurt, kimchi, buttermilk, etc. One of the main jobs of this bacteria is to support the immune system. It also promotes good digestive power and helps to protect the intestines from harmful bacteria. Besides doing all these things, Bifidobacteria can break down lactose and help the proper absorption of the same.

  1. Lactobacillus

This bacteria is good at producing lactase in the human body. Lactase breaks down the lactose in the body, which in return produces lactic acid, which is essential for eating off harmful bacteria. This is one of the vaginal probiotics which also exists in the mouth and small intestines. This bacteria is good for muscle growth as well. 

  1. Lactis

B. Lactis, often found in the gut, is helpful in preventing tumors and boosting immune function and digestive power.

  1. Acidophilus

Available in kimchi and yogurt, this bacteria exists in the vagina and small intestines. Besides helping the body to improve its digestive powers, this bacteria can fight bad vaginal bacteria, ensuring vaginal security.

  1. Reuteri

This bacteria is known for protecting teeth from being decayed. Available in the mouth and intestines, Reuteri fights the oral bacteria and helps the body to build up a strong digestive power.

Foods that Provide Probiotics to the Body

As we have mentioned before, probiotics exist in our bodies. However, it does not mean that you cannot do anything to produce probiotics or increase the number of probiotics. Your body can produce more probiotics by eating some foods. You can add those foods to your regular diet plan. Just make sure that you eat the food below-mentioned at the right time.

  • You can take yogurt, sourdough bread, or buttermilk for your breakfast. Yogurt is one of the best probiotic supplements of all.
  • For a snack, you can try fermented pickles, whereas you can choose kombucha, cottage cheese, and tempeh as your lunch.
  • You can eat kimchi, miso soup, etc., for dinner. These are excellent natural probiotic supplements.

Benefits of Probiotics Consumption

  1. Probiotics are helpful in maintaining gut function. They can kill off the harmful bacteria in the gut and maintain a balance there. This, in return, instigates a healthy digestive system.
  1. Probiotics are famous for reducing the risk of any antibiotic-driven diarrhea. Not only that, consuming probiotic-supplemented foods or Jamieson probiotics can help to decrease the risk of any diarrhea.
  1. Bloating or gas is a considerably common health issue. This happens due to yeast overgrowth, gut microbiome, etc. But probiotics are believed to be capable of reducing the symptoms of any digestive disorder.
  2. The two most important strains of probiotics, lactobacillus, and bifidobacterium, usually exist in adults. These two strains of probiotics can minimize the symptoms of eczema and many other allergies.

Risks of Consuming Probiotics

Usually, probiotics are considered safe, and they can prove to be beneficial if consumed through foods. However, you can also take the best probiotics, in Canada, but if you are keener on taking probiotic capsules, we suggest you take them after consulting the doctors. Undoubtedly, probiotics are beneficial, but they can also become risky if you have any pre-existing physical ailment.

There are a few possible risks of consuming probiotics. Those are:

  • Probiotics can produce harmful byproducts.
  • They can develop an infection.
  • If you have any pre-existing medical condition and you often consume antibiotics, probiotics can become resistant to them.

How to Store Probiotics

Usually, probiotics are very fragile and easily breakable. If you are someone who consumes probiotics regularly, you need to know how to preserve them. You need to protect the probiotics from light, oxygen, humidity, and heat. So store them in a refrigerator and keep them away from the elements we have just mentioned.


Probiotics, as we all know, are some kind of live bacteria that can exist in our bodies. But probiotics are believed to fall into the category of good bacteria. Besides making our digestive system strong, the proper consumption of probiotics can help your body to get rid of gas problems, colds, or flu. You can also use probiotics to lose weight and prevent your body from getting any chronic heart disease in the future. 

Despite all the benefits, we have to admit that probiotics have certain risks attached to them. If you have any pre-existing health issue which requires you to take daily medicines or you are keen on taking antibiotics, probiotics may not be as beneficial to you as they are to others. So, our suggestion is to consult a doctor before going ahead with any probiotic supplement all by yourself.

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