6 Tips to Beat a Harsh Swimming Training Regime

Well, well, the new season is just around the corner and your loved ones, hot ones, your regime guys are waiting for you in it!!! Yes, yes, you know perfectly well what I’m talking about, about the very modes that for every swimmer there is a real “Poseidon’s Passion” – a task, just hearing which you shrink so that your favorite swimming trunks fly off you).

Series during which you don’t swear and work half-heartedly, lazily blurring during a warm-up, and the desire to jump into the shower early drills you from the inside, throwing up various excuses and excuses every now and then – Well, coach, can I go, otherwise tomorrow so many questions and so on.

But you can’t be taken with bare hands, can you? You know that excuses are for the weak, and that’s why you leave them in the locker room and, gritting your teeth, swim of lifeguard class everything from whistle to whistle. You are ready to endure pain and fatigue, because the regimes, in the end, will make you a real swimming machine. And to be fast, strong and hardy – this is the quintessence to which we all aspire.

Here are 6 ways to take your willpower by the gills and become the king of modes:

More. One. And further. One .

How many times has it happened: you swam, you pull yourself up by the starting handle to the side, you look at the impartially ticking stopwatch hand, the second hand is already ready for the next start, your lungs are torn from a lack of oxygen, you breathe, breathe, breathe, and the awareness of that fact is tossing and turning in your head , which is still ahead of as many as 15 repetitions. Did you recognize yourself? Congratulations, you are not alone! Focus on doing the next set and then on the one after it, and don’t think about a bunch of all those reps that are left. The easiest way to put this advice into practice is to constantly mentally repeat to yourself “One more!” every time you get to the edge.

Pain is temporary, pleasure is endless .

After a good, hard and well-done workout, you can enjoy not only a pleasant tremor from fatigue spreading throughout your body, but you will also receive the most important reward: pride in yourself. So, in the middle of a grueling regime, trying to survive in hypoxic hell and squinting from the sweat that fills your glasses, often remind yourself of these feelings and sensations that await you at the finish line.

Technique first .

It’s hard, but try to take your mind off how hard and bad you feel and focus on the quality of your stroke and technique. Shift your attention from the number and degree of complexity of the series you perform to the quality and correctness of each individual movement. Quality grip in every stroke. Clear turn. Powerful footwork. Here’s what’s really important!

Set yourself intermediate goals .

Divide the task into pieces, intervals, approaches, series, ummm, in short, create intermediate goals for yourself. For example, if your task is 20 x 50m, make 4-5 sets your goal. Combine them into a kind of steps with the help of the same phrase “One more!”, dividing the workout into segments will greatly ease the moral burden of going through the entire distance.

Say no to negative thoughts .

During a hard workout, when your lungs “explode” and your muscles refuse to work further, absolutely disgusting worthless thoughts can come to your head. One of my favorite ways to win the battle against this insidious adversary is to start answering my own self: why what I do is possible and what results I will get for my suffering. Here is an example:

Before: I can never finish this series (slobber);

After: I’ll never be able to finish this streak…but if I make it I’ll feel like a boss! (handsome)

Create your own hard-mode mantra .

The same principle applies here as with a good song that helps to cheer up in a difficult situation. Having your own hard-mode mantra will make it much easier for you to hit the cyclops with a mega-hard workout. Repeat your mantra to yourself only at the most difficult moment, in the middle of the most hellishly difficult mode, in the shower, during the warm-up, and during intermediate tasks it is completely out of place and will lose all its effect. Here are a couple of the simplest examples:

• This mode won’t break me!

• I’m a swimmer! I am the owner of this mission!

• I work harder than anyone!

• Let’s! Go here! I will swim you along and across!

• I can! Work harder! Work harder! I can!

Champions! How do you deal with harsh conditions?

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